Peter Tork and the Shoe Suede Blues 05, Cab Driver

Peter Tork and the Shoe Suede Blues 05, Cab Driver

Shoe Suede Blues is headed by Peter Tork and plays gigs in a variety of settings, from festivals to small clubs.  Their sound is heavily influenced by the Blues and their setlist even includes Monkee songs, reimagined with a Blues sensitivity.

Band History and MembersEdit

Peter Tork-Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals

Richard Mikuls-Guitar/Vocals

Michael Sunday-Bass

Tadg Galleran-

John Palmer-Drums/Percussion/Harmonica

MonkeesRule43 History-link

Back in 1994, when Peter Tork was asked to compile a band for a benefit dance, Shoe Suede Blues was formed. After this one-time performence Shoe Suede Blues was then asked to play at other functions & clubs and recorded one of their 1994 shows in Santa Monica, CA to release a live CD "Shoe Suede Blues Live!" that was released in 1999. But their big break was in 1997, when the Monkees 30th Anniversary Convention was held and Shoe Suede Blues performed a show that was covered on television, which gave them the publicity they needed.  Shoe Suede Blues has since become more popular with their blues/rock show featuring Peter Tork & the band ready to play from a catolog of over 200 songs like "Blue Suede Shoes," "Lucille," "Your Auntie Grizelda," "Hound Dog," "Route 66," "Saved By the Blues," & "No More Cherry Pie." The band now travels across the U.S. to play small theatres, clubs, and other events. And in April of 2001 during the Monkees Reunion Tour, Shoe Suede Blues opened for the Monkees twice. "The Lost Concert," a professionally taped video of the first Shoe Suede Blues concert ever played with Richard Mikuls has been released & in early 2002 Shoe Suede Blues released their second album titled "Saved By The Blues," which is available on their concert tours and at their online store at In late-2002, it was announced that original member, Tadg Galleran, would no longer be a part of the band while the others continued as a quartet in 2003 & 2004.4.

Concert Dates & AlbumsEdit

Shoe Suede Blues Dates-link

"Hands Down" (Album, to be released 7/2/13)- Amazon link

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