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June 1970

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Changes is the ninth and final Colgems studio album released by the Monkees. Issued in June 1970 as COS-119 after the departure of Mike Nesmith from the group, it featured the Monkees as a duo—Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones—with little collaboration between the two.

Seven of the album's twelve selections were written by Jeff Barry, most with co-writers Andy Kim or Bobby Bloom, including both sides of the single, "Oh My My" b/w "I Love You Better". Ned Albright and Steven Soles contributed two songs together, with another from Neil Goldberg. Dolenz re-recorded an earlier demo, "Midnight Train" with his sister, Coco Dolenz, and the album concludes with Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart's "I Never Thought It Peculiar".

With the popularity of the Monkees brand on the wane, and only two Monkees left, the album initially failed to chart. When Rhino Records reissued the album in 1986, however, it reached #152 on the Billboard 200.

Track ListingEdit

Original albumEdit

Side 1

  1. "Oh My My"
  2. "Ticket on a Ferry Ride"
  3. "You're So Good to Me"
  4. "It's Got to Be Love"
  5. "Acapulco Sun"
  6. "99 Pounds"

Side 2

  1. "Tell Me Love"
  2. "Do You Feel It Too?"
  3. "I Love You Better"
  4. "All Alone in the Dark"
  5. "Midnight Train"
  6. "I Never Thought It Peculiar"

Colgems 8-trackEdit

Program 1

  1. "Oh My My"
  2. "It's Got to Be Love"
  3. "99 Pounds"

Program 2

  1. "You're So Good to Me"
  2. "Acapulco Sun"
  3. "Do You Feel It Too?"

Program 3

  1. "I Love You Better"
  2. "All Alone in the Dark"
  3. "Tell Me Love"

Program 4

  1. "Ticket on a Ferry Ride"
  2. "Midnight Train"
  3. "I Never Thought It Peculiar"

Sequence is the same for the Colgems cassette, with the first six tracks grouped as Program 1 on one side and the last six tracks grouped as Program 2 on the reverse.

1994 & 2011 CD reissuesEdit

  1. "Oh My My"
  2. "Ticket on a Ferry Ride"
  3. "You're So Good to Me"
  4. "It's Got to Be Love"
  5. "Acapulco Sun"
  6. "99 Pounds"
  7. "Tell Me Love"
  8. "Do You Feel It Too?"
  9. "I Love You Better"
  10. "All Alone in the Dark"
  11. "Midnight Train"
  12. "I Never Thought It Peculiar"
  13. "Time and Time Again"
  14. "Do It in the Name of Love"
  15. "Lady Jane"

Release HistoryEdit

United StatesEdit

  • 1970: Colgems COS-119 — LP
  • 197?: Colgems P8CG-1013 — 8-track
  • 197?: Colgems PKCG-1012 — cassette
  • 1986: Rhino RNLP 70148 — LP
  • 1994: Rhino R2 71798 — CD (bonus tracks)
  • 2011: Friday Music FRM 119 — CD (bonus tracks)

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